See also Homocysteine treatment and pernicious anemia

May be linked to hepcidin in causing iron overload, it increases hepcidin [1] but of course the body might genetically downregulate hepcidin to compensate causing hemochromatosis

Causes mood swings maybe heartburn [2]

Lowered by folic acid.

Lowered by Zinc in a non-folic acid way [3]

Induces COX2 [4] and PGE2 [5]

May cause insomnia [6]

Causes strokes

Iron overload causes homocysteine production [7] [8]

Associated with PCOS [9]

Associated with high blood pressure hypertension and obesity [10]

Might be associated with bipolar

Testosterone reduces it [11]

Also causes miscarriage and heart attack and blocks dopamine receptor [12]

Causes excitotoxicity via activation of NMDA receptor [13]

Also causes diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis and alzheimers[14]

Coffee increases it [15]

Induces oxidative stress [16]

Iodine increases homocysteine [17]

Homocysteine increases severity of infection of covid-19 and probably predicts bad reactions to vaccine [18]

Causes migraine [19]

Causes cataract [20]

Factor in epilepsy [21]

Causes depression, dementia, and anger and violence [22].

B6 and B9 but not B12 lower homocysteine [23]

Elevated homocysteine symptoms

Things that raise homocysteine

Things that correspond to reduction of homocysteine


Either cobalamin and mehylated folic acid process or serine and pyridoxine required [63]

Elevated homocysteine is correlated with elevated histamine at least in depression patients [64]. If elevated homocysteine causes elevated histamine then lowering homocysteine via folic acid then you would expect folic acid to lower heartburn which is from elevated gut histamine. I have noticed this effect. The mechanism may be that homocysteine inhibits diamine oxide (DAO) [65], and DAO lowers histamine production from dietary histidine. So folic acid lowers homocysteine which increases DAO.

Zinc is an essential part of the folic acid pathway [66]

CSF homocysteine

Csf homocysteine elevated but not blood in chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia [67]


Sleep duration either increased from normal or decreased (insomnia or hypersomnia) in cases of high homocysteine. Low homocysteine causes 7 hr sleep duration [68].

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