Heart Palpitations


Also known as heart skipping beats, heart palpitations are caused by oxidative stress and bacteria. Retinoids are a major help as is garlic which kills mycobacterium and ellagic acid which neutralizes iron and also h pylori. Vitamin d might be the best all around cure for treating mycobacterium as well as h pylori [1].

Palpitations is common in iron overload and effects at least 1/4 of people with hemochromatosis [2].

Zinc and vitamin d deficiency profoundly effects heart [3]. These got rid of my palpitations too. H pylori seems to deplete zinc [4].


Personal experience with Garlic and ellagic acid and other herbs that treat h pylori like broccoli seed or sprout powder.

Hawthorn appears another option [5].


A tooth may be infected harboring bacteria (seen above) that can cause heart palpitations.

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