Hair Loss

Prostaglandins and bacteria [1] very likely involved. So that includes iron.

Ellagic acid seems to help greatly, perhaps by reducing iron or bacteria like listeria or h pylori.

Could be vitamin a retinoids deficiency.

Parasitic worms like hookworm known to cause hair loss [2]. Especially on the feet or lower legs in my experience.

EO protein shake helps also it might be caused by mycobacterium [3] [4] hidden in the body including sternum.

Hair loss is very common during TB treatment and also gynecomastia [5].

TB linked to some types of hair loss [6].

Strongyloides can be a cause that causes hydrocele in testicles which cause elevation of LH and early male hair loss also linked to elevated LH [7]


Hormones and other factors [8]


LH elevated and other factors [9]

LH, androstenedione, cortisol, 17b-estradiol elevated in hair loss [10]. LH and androstenedione are from anterior pituitary. Cortisol is released to supress immune system [11] probably to prevent inflammation. Cortisol is also stimulated by anterior pituitary via IL-1 IL-6 TNF-a. Cortisol inhibits tnf-alpha release and reduces responsiveness to IL1. Androstenedione is converted to estradiol via aromatase [12]. I think on all of this we can confidently say that hair loss for men is an anterior pituitary over activation probably from a testicular testis problem like hydrocele from something like strongyloides.


Dopamine is implicated in hairloss [13] and it might be because dopamine treatment increases homocysteine.

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