Haemophilus causes type 2 diabetes. It does this by causing a vitamin B3 deficiency. It is neutralized with cinnamon and other herbs. See diabetes for more info.

Causes stiff neck and meningitis. Also causes epiglottis which is a feeling like peanut butter stuck in throat.[1]

Cinnamon and Thyme essential oils are most effective with clove close behind. H influenzae is most susceptible to thyme and H parainfluenzae to cinnamon [2].

Listeria is similar in many ways, and both cause different types of diabetes.

Echinacea root seems to help with the stiff neck or stiff back back pain [3] which may also be caused by listeria.

Grow together with Staphylococcus [4].

Side effects from the HIB vaccine can give insight into haemophilus effects [5].

Intracellular bacteria located in adenoids which could cause sleep apnea [6]

Issues with the HIB vaccine [7].

Chronic fatigue

Along with h pylori this bacteria upregulates PGE2 [8] which causes overgrowth of intracellular bacteria which cause chronic fatigue.

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