H Pylori

H pylori is a bacteria responsible for migraines and cancer of many types including stomach, lung, and pancreas amoung others. It also is implicated in tooth root abcesses and many other problems. Its infections are usually painless but they can become coinfected with serratia causing redness and extreme pain.

Heartburn and Acid reflux and GERD

H pylori causes non-acidic reflux. This is from its attack of the stomach mucosa which incites the stomach to produce mucus and reflux. H pylori produces ammonia which is alkaline. Coinfection with histamine producing bacteria like enterobacter,e coli, klebsiella, lactobacillus and leuconostoc cause acid production so the combination of h pylori and one of these bacteria are responsible for acidic reflux, heartburn.

Heartburn treatment

Garlic usually works and this is likely when it is caused by e coli [1] . Cranberry seems to possibly work with enterobacter and klebsiella [2]. For leuconostoc which is the bacteria in saurkraut, adaptogens work like ginseng, gynostemma, and tribulus

Lactobacillus found in bananas also cause histamine production and therefore excess acid production.

Cinnamon essential oil might be most effective verses all 3 types that can cause heartburn [3].

Supplemental phosphorus via phosphate repletion seems to help me presumably since it acts as a buffer.

Chronic fatigue

Causes chronic fatigue by upregulating PGE2 (along with haemophilus) which causes reduced cellular immunity which causes growth of intracellular bacteria which cause chronic fatigue.

Mast Cells

CagA negative h pylori associated with higher tryptase (diagnostic of mast cell disease) but not to a large degree it seems. [4]

Stomach pain

A pain in the stomach especially after waking up. Most people associate this pain with hunger, but in reality it is h pylori. Treated with Ellagic Acid.


Folic acid helps prevent ulcer [5]


May cause cardiomyopathy and myocarditis [6]. Also might be linked to gluten sensitivity. Also related to atrial fibrillation and heart palpitations

Cag a toxin causes heart problems [7]

Other issues

Blunted GST (signifying problem with HPA axis and cortisol) and low vitamin D in infected people [8]

Depletes ascorbic acid, Retinol, Vitamin E, folic acid, and cobalamin [9]

May deplete zinc and thus cause heart palpitations [10].

Cystic fibrosis [11]

Mercury amalgam fillings make it significantly harder to eradicatr h pylori [12]

Dental pulp a resevoir for h pylori [13]

Link to various disorders including hyperparathyroidism, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, thyroid, and high cholesterol [14]

Strong association with strongyloides and pemphigus vulgaris [15]


H pylori is a carcinogenic bacteria causing cancer of the stomach and elsewhere.

Increases PGE2 via COX2 [16].

COX2 helps prevent ulcers [17].


Respiratory issues as well as cancer linked to h pylori [18]


Mammalian immune systems cannot eradicate h pylori [19]. The best adaptive response might be to select for gut bacteria that fight it like l reuteri.

Abcesses caused by h pylori can be treated with ellagic acid internally and sulforaphane also. Vitamin K also seems to be important as well as GLA. Good sources include kale or broccoli seed/sprout for sulforaphane and evening primrose for GLA (avoid borage it contains toxins). Wheatgrass also fights h pylori however it can cause heart problems so is not recommended. Possibly bitter melon [20]

Serine protease is necessary to h pylori [21] therefore serine protease inhibitors like quail eggs [22] should help eradicate it as well as help allergy.

Essential oils

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