Grand Solar Minimum

The true cause of climate change and it will get colder. Also it increases the concentration of storms to the wet parts of the year making the wet times wetter and dry times drier leading to enhanced monsoons and winter monsoons and also wildfires during the dry times and it also leads to crop loss and insect and other animal plagues. Arizona weather data shows the GSM began around 2006 and is accelerating in severity. The sunspot data shows that this solar cycle which lasts another 10 years is low as well and so the GSM will last at least another 10 years and perhaps longer.

The velocity of sunspot decline seems to be important as well, not just the absolute number of sunspots. For example if we have been having high solar activity and it suddenly decreases effects of GSM will be seen even if the levels aren't that low. The fact they decreased seems to cause the effects.


Food supply suffering [1]

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