Georgia Guidestones

Explosion could mean one of a few things:

  1. Done by groups resisting the new world order.
  2. Done by false flag groups like media matters to frame patriots so they can end 2nd amendment.
  3. Done by CIA as part of trying to incite a civil war to divide country so country does not mount a revolution.
  4. Done by the owner of the land because they no longer believe in the message as they realized that it would be accomplished by murder.
  5. Done by the creator(s) of the stones as a signal to those in the know that we are now in phase 2 of the plan, execution.
  6. Done by undercover Russian agents as part of the plan to replace elites and stop the new world order.

Erected in 1980 on county property that used to be Ted Turner's?. May have been done by georgia county politicians who were members of or sympathetic to the club of rome [1]

It would make sense if these were designed by Peccei [2] who founded club of rome in 1968, and orchestrated and built by dean rusk [3]. Rusk was basically responsible for orchestrating the creation of the club of rome [4]. Peccei or Rusk was probably the one responsible for the club of rome commissioning "the limits to growth" in 1972 [5] and Peccei died in 1984. The georgia gudestones erected in 1980 would be a lasting monument of a dying man who thought he knew what was best for the earth.

More explanations of the inscriptions and possible links to ted turner founder of CNN and Rosicrucian order [6]

Volkswagen funded club of rome formation [7]

Dean Rusk

The guidestones were in Elbert county georgia [8], and Rusk was from cherokee county georgia [9]. Elbert not bieng too far from cherokee in north georgia. Rusk actually lived in athens georgia at the time when the stones were erected which was much closer to the stones.

Strangely the county seat of cherokee county texas is Rusk [10], could this have been where he worked for the CIA during his time at the Rockefeller foundation? Was the rockefeller gig just a cover job?

Supposedly built on a ley line [11] could ithave beenthe closest ley line to Rusk's home?

The mason who physically made them knows things but has sworn to secrecy [12]. Anonymous man Robert C Christian pen name had them made by elberton granite finishing company [13] and anon robert said to have been doing itonbehalf of a small group of loyal americans.

Elbert couldhave been chosen because it was near enough for Rusk to visit and also on a ley line and also on a granite mine and also far enough away from Rusk for plausible deniability.

Divided korea on 38th parallel [14] so it would make sense if the guidestones are on a parallel or ley line.

Only spent 7 years in govenrment after army officer in japan. He then left to become president of Rockefeller foundation. Possibly CIA?

It would make sense someone like this would consider himself a "loyal american" in the workds of RC christian.

Left secretary in 69 and taught international relations at university of georgia school of law. This subject hearkens to CIA as well.

The georgia school of law is in athens georgia [15] VERY close to the georgia guidestones... Just a single county away which would make it convienient for him to visit. The stones were commisioned 10 years after he started teaching here. He is buried in the Oconee hill cemetary in athens georgia [16] very close to the georgia guidestones.

JFK and RFK assasination

Why did JFK ask rusk to be secretary of state in 1960, 8 years after he left government? [17] This would be another clue that he was in CIA during his time at rockefeller.

He vehemently supported vietnam war and was very secretive about his views. and was a favorite of LBJ after JFK assasination [18]. Did he play a role in the assasination?

He admitted to a bad relationship with JFK [19] distrusted RFK [20] and RFK undercut him [21] which could be why these two kennedy's were murdered due to Rusk's grudge.

The only two proven kennedy assasinations happened under Rusk's watch as secretary of state [22]

Dean rusk and jfk picture [23] hosted by someone looking for the truth in the matter.

Someone else thinks Rusk may be responsible [24]

Possible telephone call between LBJ and Rusk november 29 1963 about the assasination 7 days later [25] Rusk complains about who is on the warren commision (investigating the assasination) and "will they be partisan"

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