Kills bacillus, e coli, enterobacter, klebsiella and mycobacterium and corynebacterium. Apparently pseudomonas but I use cinnamon or mustard for that. Also it appears to be reasonably effective against toxoplasmosis.

Certain things garlic can successfully treat:

In chickens it is used in feed

It is found to reduce staphylococcusBacillus > pasteurellaSalmonella > e coli > pseudomonas > klebsiella > clostridium

Exibits activity against ecoli and proteus [2]

Campylobacter is targeted by garlic but by a compound in garlic oil, not allicin. It is called diallyl disulfude [3].

Natural chemotherapy

Raw garlic and onions I eat 1-2 clove raw garlic and a significant chunk of raw onion every day in attempts to treat chronic heart palpitations iron overload chronic fatigue high blood pressure kidney high cholesterol high blood sugar via killing pasteurella, mycobacterium, strongyloides,


If you can't sleep insomnia or IBS it is campylobacter overgrowth, try ginger

If you have heart effects or gut issues it may be H pylori, try broccoli seed powder.

I may make you feel tired or lethargic or migraine which just may be part of the detox reaction.

Proteus Campylobacter Pseudomonas Salmonella can reduce sulfur [4] causing rotton egg gas. If this happens first try treating for campylobacter (use ginger) since that one is less suseptible to garlic. Garlic oil, essential oil, or perhaps cooked garlic can counter campylobacter [5] [6] whereas raw garlic doesn't much [7]


Oral bacteria [8].

Garlic through out history and medical text and its use for heart [9] lowers high cholesterol, high blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart palpitations [10]

Garlic and onion reverse cadmium heavy metal induced kidney damage [11] sperm fertility testicle [12] prostate possibly prostate cancer [13] liver [14]

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