Cows [1]


Bill gates production [2]


algae protein for eyesight regeneration [3]

Sry gene knockout produces sterile females [4] (Worker bee humans? "Furniture" from Soylent Green?)

Knockout vs knockdown [5]

China discovers knockout/knockdown target that can eliminate obesity [6]


1-2 million ha in 1997 bloomed to 185 million in 2016 [7] gradually increasing over time [8] so it is possible cause of colony collapse of bee which started 2006. 2006 is when global hectacres crossed 100 million which is about 10% of all arable land in the world [9] and the inflection point in adoption for most crop types [10] today in 2022 we are at an asymptote towards 100% of crop types that have GMO versions are gmo.


Produces a toxin from Bacillus that kills insects when they eat it. In my experience this is the GMO that has actual instant (within an hour or two) negative effects on me. Just like genetic vaccines the amount of toxin the corn produces is uncontrolled.

Mainly includes corn cotton and eggplant and possibly potatoes [11]

Some info [12]

Monsanto MON 802 (and most of their products) includes BT toxin and also glyphosate resistance [13]

Bayer, BASF, Syngenta, Pioneer seed all contains BT toxin.

The pesticide is made inside the corn. Do you want to eat pesticides?

Bt regulations mean the corn must be planted with 10% non gmo to help prevent insect resistance but having non bt corn might make resistance even faster especially when the company uses workarounds and intersperses them instead of the regulation which says they should be around or next to the field. [14]. My concern is that this planting gmo with non gmo weakens the genetics of the non gmo and is trying to genetic engineer non gmo corn to integrate the bt gene itself. Basically its demonic manipulation of nature.

Side effects

I think the main way BT food hurts humans is that typically any time to introduce a toxin from a bacteria even if you don't introduce the bacteria itself, will cause the naturally present bacteria of that type to overgrow. So if you introduce botulinum (botulism) toxin you will have an overgrowth of Clostridium, if you introduce iron binding siderophores you will get bacteria to overgrow that produce those etc. If we apply this to BT then it would cause bacillus to overgrow which can easily explain all of the side effects I noticed below.

Cry proteins may cause allergy [15]

I suspect that these cry proteins could deplete Liver Glutathione which means it can make people suseptible to other allergen or exacerbate other disease.

Joint pain

Heart palpitations


High blood pressure


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