Fauci believes he is third antichrist of Nostradamus

[1] [2]

He is dr evil [3]

Is he really a decendent of Faust [4] and changed his name to hide it? Fausti is another historical spelling of Faust [5]. Could faust and his faustian deal actually be the precursor to NAZIsm? Inspiration from here [6]. Faust was German, so fauci is likely German and Jewish just like Hitler, not Italian as he claims to be.

Is his real birthday june 28th? His childrens book was set to release that date [7]. His other book released november 2nd.

december 2nd was the date which in 2020 he recieved "person of the year" [8]

Peer reviewed vaccine data that started the vaccine rollout, to be released nov 2 2022 [9] [10]. Very interesting that article, which has been deleted (all we can see is archives) was put out on june 28 2021 and talks about november 2nd. Those 2 dates are the two dates fauci's books released.

Newsweek how fauci fooled america [11] [12]

November 2nd 2005 fauci discusses pandemic flu [13]

November 2nd trump delays firing fauci [14]

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