Aka HUMET or Tasty Wheat [1]

Potential Ingredients

Recipe 1 - Greenmilk

100 grams - $1.60

Major ingredients

Minor ingredients


Especially to make gelato from this you can heat it to precisely 65c to get the starch to gelatinize. Otherwise just as a drink mix you can have it raw as the egg yolks have been pasteurized. Heating to 65c briefly should make the texture better.


53.04c, 21.215p -> 2.50 c/p comes out to 46.3/18.5/35.2
17.91 -> 35.18% calories (probably more since some carbs fiber)
Total calories 458.2
DHA content of egg yolk powder is 3mg/g and content of chlorella powder is 36mg/g





Collagen vs whey [30].

Whey binds iron [31].

DNA is present in milk powder, though not as intact as raw milk [32].

Vanilla bean sugar (coffee grinder better) [33].

1 part protein to 3 parts carbohydrates for athletes up to 1:4-5 if want to gain weight. HUMET uses 1:2.5 [34] and I think that is an optimal ratio for general use.

Green milk star wars [35].

Jungle Taystee Wheat from matrix [36]

Green milk jello [37].

Diet 50% fat better than 15% fat [38].

Chlorella used as a food coloring [39].

Calorie calculator [40].

Most people get 90mg combined EPA and DHA [41]. 3 servings of greenmilk a day gives 27mg of DHA from egg yolks [42] and 36mg/g in chlorella [43] so 216mg = 243mg

Hot bath [44] [45] [46]

Heated stir plate better [47] because you need to stif after 60c to prevent coagulation [48] [49].



Spirulina double DHA and protien as chlorella [52].


Vicine and divicine cause crisis, found in fava beans, beet juice, and peas [53].

A G6PD sufferer says soy isolate is ok, not other soy foods [54].

Nucleic acid

Foods high in DNA and RNA are needed, here are some sources including sardine, Chlorella [55], nuts, cabbage (especially Chinese), cauliflower, spinach, broccoli etc [56] [57].

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