Guide and beta player talks about not smooting out all the rough edges [1]

Bad new player experience [2]

Quality of life gamer wishlist [3]. Basically people who don't want to try hard and get hand held. Could be people high in introverted feeling

The online world timeline [4]

Brad mcquaid interview including mistakes with eq design [5]

Coyle inspired by advanced dungeons and dragons second edition [6] john also played advanced d and d [7]

Brad played on the sojourn dikumud [8] actually sojourn forked into torilmud and used city of waterdeep as inspiration for freeport [9]. Toril was based on forgotten realms ad&d second edition [10]

The fact money had weight started in ad&d then torilmud then eq [11]

Game design and role playing games paper [12]

Designing virtual worlds paper [13]

Firiona vie ruleset [14] brad mcquaid played a major role in designing [15]

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