Essential Oil

How to spot fake oils [1]

Book on essential oil antimicrobials [2]

Lower blood sugar geranium fenugreek tumeric cinnamon [3]

10 bacteria 10 essential oils [4]

Essential oils against various skin bacteria [5]

Beta-farnesene is an alarm pheremone for aphids [6].

Essential oils versus various common pathogenic bacteria [7]


Glycerine and jojoba [8] see also tree of life.

Various fixatives including glycerine and vanillin [9].

Benzoin resin, myrrh resin, olibanum (frankensense) resin[10]. Basically dissolve the resin into the oils.

Taking 5 drops of an essential oil


Weak hands (like brucella) pressure on top of carpal tunnel pain area.


Slower thinking

Foot sores burn, top of the foot near toes. Also possibly at parasite spots.

Feel cold

Throat a little sore and nasopharanx pressure

Noise sensitivity


Coughing (from h pylori overgrowth countered with ellagic acid).

After treating coughing, heartburn from histamine producing bacteria countered with eucalyptus

Tiredness improved sleep

Took for haemophilus.

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