Electric Vehicle

This product is designed to move lots/heavy things from point A to point B. It should be like an electric version of a pack animal (or draft animal even!).

Codename Greyform

Basic design


It will be a wooden (and/or aluminum) truss with a removable saddle for riding on it or remove the saddle and it is a flat surface to tie things to and drive it by walking along side it like you are walking a donkey. You can add lengths to extend the truss with flexible joints like you are making a little train or something.

Wheels will be large and wide as possible while keeping weight low so it won't get stuck. Should use standard wheels perhaps from a dirt bike. Using a track instead of wheels is also possible.

Perhaps the truss could include potential for 6 wheels instead of only 4 and the middle pair would be connected to the truss slightly lower to help it get over obstacles. Both the front and rear pair are not powered (in current design) but both turn when steering is turned. Only the middle wheel set is powered. So when in "train" configuration trailer trusses could only have the middle wheels. So each stage of the train could be powered adding more towing ability the more powered stages are added.

Off the shelf parts will be used where possible.


Super/ultra caps only. Supplemental powerplants will be sold separatly or can be made, 12 v is all thats needed.

Max distance at 10 mph is ~4 miles without powerplant running on caps only.

You can add a battery pack for more distance.

16.2 volt pack, 12 volt motor.

Intellectual property

Complete Design including cad files and drawings all free (digital files) and open source. If you buy the product it will come with printed drawings of the assembly and each individual part. Design will be on github so people can propose updates to the design as well.

Since this vehicle likely cannot be shipped with current supply chain issues, a printed and bound version of the drawings can also be purchased for a low cost (on the order of $10) and shipped media mail. Of course the digital version can be downloaded by anyone free and printed themselves if desired.



E=1/2 C V^2

2.7 wh caps [1] 370 for 1 kw. cheaper [2]

17 volts 116 F using 2.85V 700F [3] 44$ [4]

Ultracaps have much loser internal resistance than regular caps [5]

2.7 v 3000F [6] six in series produces 18.2 watt hours. Total cost for this is 6 x $32 = $192

25 wh/mi at 20 mph [7]

Caps vs batteries

Capacitors loose capacity when added in series. I think this is because electrons cannot flow through a capacitor. [8]


Should use timber truss using recesses, protrusions, and dowels that can be easily repaired [9]. If you have a lot of aluminum it can be made from that and I want aluminum and wooden parts to be interchangable.

Should use the fewest part types as possible. Hopefully the truss can be made from a single wooden part type and dowels.

One dowel should be used for each connection so there are no unpredicted stresses.


cheap electric vehicles [10]

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