Digital ID

This is the core of the mark of the beast. The mark itself is just a sign of the digital ID.

The digital id will be done by national governments but will be compatible with worldwide standards, much like how the real id was done by local governments but was compatible with federal standards.

It will contain record of your vaccination status, biometric identifiers, and rfid tech for tracking among other things likely a crypto wallet for government crypto.

It will culminate in a quantum dot tattoo which will probably be invisible which will be the final sign you worship the beast. The masks and vaccine and the mandates are just training wheels to get you to accept the mark.

TWIC is used in industry [1] and might be the basic premise of the digital id


WHO bill gates rockefeller global vaccine passport [2]. Which would be used for human experimentation, tracking, school, work, and international travel.

digital id [3]

Italy's health pass is bridging the gap between digital id and proof of vaccination [4].

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