Crypto Censorship

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First step blacklisting coins from "enemy" or sanctioned countries [1]

Tornado cash first started censoring sanctioned addresses [2] in april then just 5 months later they themselves were sanctioned. This is similar to trump, first he complied then they raided him.

Tornado cash and possible PoS ethereum censorship [3] need to apply for a license to get your funds [4]

Podcast for tornado cash [5]

First bitcoin addresses sanctioned [6] [7] breaking fungibility. Once one address is sanctioned then every merchant has to trace back the source of funds that customers use to pay for goods and if it has ever crossed a sanctioned address they would have to return the funds. This might end up being more work and difficulty than just accepting fiat which is already censored by the banks. Networks especially PoS will autosanction transactions so they will get declined in transit, wheras PoW likely the merchants themselves would be on the hook for making sure they are tracing back funds.

Might be harder to sanction public key's on monero [8]

A very likely scenario for the cryptocurrency paradigm of regulation, taxation, and censorship [9]

DOJ arranges 150 prosecutors to attack crypto [10]

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