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Former ecohealth alliance VP and former CDC director claims fauci created covid 19 [1]

Likely started intentionally with a block of dry ice containing the lab made virus in an air intake vent at the wuhan market and new york city [2] [3].

Gain of function research in wild bats of wuhan [4].

Whiwtleblower on china release 2019 [5].

Spartacus letter about secret white hat research [6].

Preparations made for creation after 9-11 [7] [8].

Francis Collins Fauci's boss and head of the NIH is resigning amid "gain-of-function" coronavirus research in the years leading up to covid-19 [9]

FBI investigation of NIH funding wuhan lab [10]

Structure and function

Protein [11]

Upregulats cathepsin L cysteine protease, furan, neutrophil elastase (Fought with Serine protease inhibitors), plasmin, TMPRSS2 serine protease [12]

Antibody dependent enhancement (ADE)

Worse 2 weeks after vaccine [13].

Botched roll out of dangerous gene therapy masquerading as vaccine [14].


Very similar to AIDS severe reduction in CD4 cells during covid exacerbated by the severity [15] which might have to do with vaccine induced ADE due to vaccine induced enhancement of CD4 count.


No mask no lockdown response working [16].

Toxic treatments


rebound [17] fauci supposedly got it [18]

Supposedly helps long covid [19] but the symptoms the person is describing pins and needles and burning neuropathy is likely from campylobacter and easily treated with eating ginger.


Ronny Jackson was the first Chief Medical Advisor to the president and he resigned at the end of 2019, right before covid [20]. He was either an intelligence CIA officer plant to fool trump and pave the way for fauci, or he was threatened to leave to make room for fauci.

Chinese company BGI Genomics is collecting biometric DNA information from covid test kits [21].

More immunity in places with low vaccine rates [22]

Wild deer testing positive [23] to me this is proof they are spraying it in chemtrails. There is no contact between humans and live deer.

Follow the science documentary [24]


Variant mostly hits middle aged and young [25] which is starting to look more like spanish flu.

Seems to be causing anger/depression and personality changes [26] perhaps the spike protein is to blame and if so also vaccines and may be from brain tuberculosis like the latest mystery illness.

Deaths extremely low [27]

When power brokers say it will return to normal "X" [28] [29], know they have another variant planned.


Contains 6 amino acid in spike protein belonging to h1n1 flu also some people naturally resistant because of immune response in nose [30] I personally think from having sufficient phosphorus

Cobra venom

It turns out the covid 19 gene sequence includes snake venom sequences [31]. This was done in order for anti-venom to be the antidote for the elite for covid.

VenomTech pharmaceutical research compounds [32]

There has been a seemingly engineered antivenom production halt in africa since 2000 to give China a monopoly on production [33] [34] [35]

In the story of moses and the snakes in the bible the people bitten were told to dance all night to stay alive, and this likely worked because it causes the body to release adrenaline epinephrine which is anti-inflammatory.

Wastewater treatment [36]

Wastewater is returned to the water supply [37] [38] [39] so it is likely that if covid is in the wastewater some of it might make it into the drinking water via wastewater recycling.

Viruses can and do survive watewater treatment [40]

Methods to reduce viruses in water treatment [41]

Coronavirus spreads in the feces even when they test negative to a nasal swab [42] (which can be stopped with activated charcoal).

Wastewater at 20c inactivated covid better than at 4c [43] this means that places that drink treated watewater that are cold will have more virus survive. So this explains why the northeast was hit so hard but places like Arizona and Florida were not.

NYC waste treatment chlorine contact time is 15-20 mins [44] however 30 minutes is necessary at the concentration used to inactivate coronaviruses [45] so treatment is insufficient.

Los Angeles water treatment doesn't even have a tertiary (disinfection) process [46] therefore it doesn't inactivate coronaviruses. Since we know virus survival after water treatment is reduced above 68f/20c [47] and LA is warmer than NYC, LA wastewater is probably nearly equivalent to the insufficiently treated NYC water.

A couple anecdotes; when I lived in LA I caught coronavirus from an open window during the rain. I chalked it up to bieng in chemtrails and getting rained out which is possible, but it is also possible from viruses in wastewater to be aeresolized [48] especially in the rain and wind coming from santa monica where the waste is discharged. Over a year later when I moved away I caught it from a Guatemalan cantalope of the Sol brand which would mean the fruit was infected by agricultural wastewater use in Guatemala.

"Chlorine seems relatively ineffective at eliminating viral pathogens" [49]

Enveloped viruses in wastewater like coronavirus and influenza [50]


Magnetic mrna stabilizing agents likely in the vaccine [51]

Omicron XE

Will likely be renamed to sigma or tau variant

Spread in the water according to mike adams, I was infected by eating a seemingly healthy cantalope raw from Guatemala brand Sol. It was imported to america and was heavily infected with covid, I felt the virus symptoms while I was eating it! Cooking the remainder killed the virus/bacteria mileau.

Deadly like delta and transmissible as omicron. It infects the lungs unlike omicron. Lungs and nasal passages.


The thing that really seemed to get me over the hump was emergen-c hydration plus. Also take zinc, coq10, selenium, vitamin e, vitamin d, cobalamin, riboflavin, retinol, adaptogens, echinacea. Also inhaling essential oils like eucalyptus, cinnamon, lavender. Also getting plenty of sleep is important. Activated charcoal is essential to prevent fever from gut bacteria getting infected with the virus.






From wikipedia
 "A laboratory study on hamsters and mice in Japan published as a non-peer-reviewed preprint in mid-February 2022 suggested that BA.2,
is not only more transmissible than BA.1, but may cause more severe disease.

Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies used to treat people infected with COVID did not have much effect on BA.2, 
which was "almost completely resistant" to casirivimab and imdevimab, and 35 times more resistant to sotrovimab 
than the original B.1.1 virus. The researchers proposed that BA.2 should be recognised as a unique variant of concern,
which would be given its own Greek letter. " 

Letter to dr. Zelenko

 Hello Mr. Zelenko,

I am inspired by your work.  I am not a medical doctor but I am a researcher and have spent 20 years researching natural health and how the body works.

A couple points or questions I have for you is have you considered using ubiquinone (coq10) as a zinc ionophore?  The research I have seen puts that above EGCG.  Also coq10 gives energy to the cells especially heart cells which is a nice side effect.  I realize cost may be a factor.

Secondly take a look at Serpins as anti-inflamatories.  These are often mutated and stress can deplete them in the body.  Raw quail egg (or pollen block from infowars) has serpins that can help the human body reverse inflammation.

Thirdly phosphorus is very important to getting rid of bacteria and mucus in the lungs.  I use emergen-c hydration+ and that has made the most improvement at getting rid of a persistant cough after covid. 

Bill Gates book


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