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Likely started intentionally with a block of dry ice containing the lab made virus in an air intake vent at the wuhan market and new york city [1] [2].

Gain of function research in wild bats of wuhan [3].

Whiwtleblower on china release 2019 [4].

Spartacus letter about secret white hat research [5].

Preparations made for creation after 9-11 [6] [7].

Francis Collins Fauci's boss and head of the NIH is resigning amid "gain-of-function" coronavirus research in the years leading up to covid-19 [8]

Antibody dependent enhancement (ADE)

Worse 2 weeks after vaccine [9].

Botched roll out of dangerous gene therapy masquerading as vaccine [10].


Very similar to AIDS severe reduction in CD4 cells during covid exacerbated by the severity [11] which might have to do with vaccine induced ADE due to vaccine induced enhancement of CD4 count.


No mask no lockdown response working [12].


Ronny Jackson was the first Chief Medical Advisor to the president and he resigned at the end of 2019, right before covid [13]. He was either an intelligence CIA officer plant to fool trump and pave the way for fauci, or he was threatened to leave to make room for fauci.

Chinese company BGI Genomics is collecting biometric DNA information from covid test kits [14].

More immunity in places with low vaccine rates [15]

Wild deer testing positive [16] to me this is proof they are spraying it in chemtrails. There is no contact between humans and live deer.


Variant mostly hits middle aged and young [17] which is starting to look more like spanish flu.

Seems to be causing anger/depression and personality changes [18] perhaps the spike protein is to blame and if so also vaccines and may be from brain tuberculosis like the latest mystery illness.

Deaths extremely low [19]

When power brokers say it will return to normal "X" [20] [21], know they have another variant planned.

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