Coronavirus causes exacerbation of haemophilus and mycobacterium and perhaps others. Likewise it can be prevented or cured with cinnamon or lavender and garlic respectively.

SARS-COV and MERS-COV have cross reactive antibodies, which means that exposure to SARS can immunize you against MERS. Also this means testing might have overlap of the 2 so having sars you might test positive if they are looking for mers.


Blood sugar, niacinamide, and selenium [1].


Loss of taste and smell may be linked to zinc deficiency [2].



Lentivirus are derived from HIV and integrate into the host genome [4].

COVID has not increased death rate [5].

mRNA, DNA, and Viral vector vaccines are all very new to medicine and first debuted in 2019 [6] yet we are mass using them globally before we understand the risks.

Top vaccine scientist warns against vaccine [7]

Autoimmunity pathogenic priming [8] [9]. Most die upon reinfection [10].

Lower vaccination rates on weekends [11] and I have noticed most people have appointments during the night. These two data points to me that they want people to be vaccinated when they are sleeping. I think there will be higher rates of adult SIDS for adults because of this, people will die in their sleep when they have a reaction during the night to the vaccine.

Vaccines may sensitize people to more severe covid-19 [12].


Spike protien attacks respiratory center [13] which may cause sleep apnea.

Full list and explanation of adverse events [14].

reverse transcriptase integrates COVID-19 into DNA [15]


Appears to be the UK variant sprayed in chemtrails over the US. Causes blood clots and peripheral neuropathy.

Ginger - for peripheral neuropathy (campylobacter)

Garlic - for blood clots (bacillus) and heartburn

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