Concentration Camps

Used for the great culling and human experimentation and mandates

Erected under the pretense of quarantine camps.

Concentration camp survivors speak out



1 year prison sentence for unvaccinated [2]


Already in use in australia [3] [4] and the CDC declares they have the right to erect them in the US.


Those without enough separate bedrooms for each person infected or exposed will be brought to concentration camps [5]

FEMA rounding up resisters into concentration camps legal groundwork laid [6]

Washington state job posting for Isolation & Quarantine Team Consultants [7]

Prophecy of RFID chips in FEMA camps and it is the mark of the beast. You don't have to get them if you get admitted, but if you don't get it you are in prison [8].

On a video site like youtube or brighteon I saw a woman make a prophecy several years ago that the military were coming door to door and taking people away to camps [9] [10] [11] JesusISComingRUReady she seems to be based in Missouri or Kansas.

Taking people away for testing positive [12]

Prison barges so they are not restricted by constitution [13]

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