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Canker sore on the underside of the tongue. Thyme essential oil helped slightly. Lavender essential oil helped slightly. Carrot essential oil aggravated the pain and swelling and didn't help. Eucalyptus essential oil didn't seem to help. Lemongrass eo helped slightly and aggravated Listeria because of the bacteria see-saw. Tried ginger eo, didn't seem to help. Might be streptococcus sanguis so figuring out what essential oils best for that. Going to try cedarwood since i remember that helped before. Didn't help. Even mjxed lavender, eucalyptus, clove, and oregano and applied to sore. Still no dice. I think since it hazn't broken out that it isn't really infected yet and at least these essential oils prevent it from progressing to bacterial infection. When it gets infected with bacteria it is likely h pylori and c perferingins [1] but until then it is epstein-barr causing/caused by overgrowth of strep mutans.

Magnesium seems to help me recover from canker sores induced by amur honeysuckle -NatureHacker

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