Cancer is a complex reaction of the body to an infection of a particular type of bacteria or complex of bacteria. Fungus produces alfatoxin which is one of the most potent promotors of cancer known. Also viruses are known to mutate DNA and cause certain types of cancer. Knowing all this, I still believe that cancer boils down to a single base factor and proximal cause. Bacteria including Serratia, Listeria, or h pylori.

In addition to cancer these principles laid out below can fight other inflammatory abcess like issues like swollen adenoids and also tooth root abscess among other problems.

Parasite bacteria virus all can be responsible including strongyloides [1]


One of the primary cancer causing bacteria is Serratia in most cases, especially in malignant cancers. Other bacteria can also be involved. Serratia produces DNAse which is very likely what causes mutations in DNA in the cancer area. Serratia may or may not cause some pain and likely depends on other bacteria involved. Pressing on the infected location if palpable will likely always cause some discomfort. Serratia very often creates redness and probably can only be seen if the infection is on the skin but perhaps there could be lighting technology that can look for it elsewhere.

Serratia linked to cancer in genitourinary tract. Thus lemongrass for these.

Urine of lymphoma and leukemia patients


Listeria is likely the most common root cause of cancer.

Creates phospholipase c [2] which degrades lecithin and other choline containing molecules causing inflammation.

H Pylori

H pylori is a common cause of cancer both in the stomach and elsewhere.


Effective treatments for cancer include things that fight the bacterial cause directly or coinfection bacteria or lower blood sugar or improve blood clotting ability or improve prostaglandin balance.


Anti-tubulin drugs [3].

Melatonin affects tubulin [4].

Fighting Serratia

One of the best ways to fight Serratia bacteria is with lemongrass or citrus essential oil. These oils are very effective at killing the bacteria. Lemongrass especially can kill many other types of bacteria as well. Serratia also seems to be fought with triterpenoid saponin as well. These saponin are not very bioavailable but taking them with steroidal saponin makes them fully bioavailable.

Fighting H pylori

See H pylori

Fighting Listeria

See Listeria

Lowering blood sugar

Even fighting Serratia directly, lowering blood sugar is an absolute must. This is likely because Serratia is very dependent on sugar and also phospholipids. Of course not eating foods with added sugar is very important. Other things that lower blood sugar like Ellagic acid are invaluable.

Retinoids like Retinol (animal form vitamin A) are essential for healthy blood sugar response and immune system boosting. Around half of all people cannot convert beta-carotene into retinol efficiently. Cod liver oil is a good source or retinol supplements.

Improving Blood Clotting

Cancer seems totally dependent on inadequate blood clotting ability. This could be from the serratia itself or a coinfection bacteria like streptococcus which is know to interfere with clotting. Certain treatments like taking vitamin K (or eating lots of kale) and Ellagic acid Are some of the most effective cancer fighters known.


Anti-inflammatory drugs known to treat cancer [5]. This is the mechanism cannabis uses as well.

Things to avoid

Other bacteria

Porphyromonas prevotella fusobacterium [6]


Pomegranate effective against most cancers, probably for ellagic acid effect against Listeria. Also punicalagin [7].

Bacteria now recognized as potentially carconogenic [8]

Anti cancer essential oils including lemongrass, thyme, frankensence [9].

WNT Inhibitors include sulforaphane, ECGC, resveratrol, retinoids and curcumin [10]

Prostate cancer

PGE2 elevated [11]

Pancreatic cancer

Soda leads to 87% increased risk of pancreatic cancer [12] probably due to readily absorbable phosphorus.


10,000% increase in cancer reports after Covid-19 vaccine compared to all other vaccines [13]

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