CD 4

Things that can raise it are artemisia, astragalus, licorice, echinacea [1] [2]. May be from pentacyclic triterpenoids. Maybe dandelion? Maybe gotu kola?

Black seed

Plays a big role in malaria.

Pentacyclic triterpenoids ursolic acid and oleanolic acid [3]

Pentacyclic triterpenoids straight up kill listeria [4] and probably other intracellular bacteria so that is probably the mechanism of how these plants "improve cellular immunity". These are found a lot in peels and so why the elixer of life should contain the peels.

Decreased by selenium and vitamin e deficiencies [5]

Vitamin e [6]

Zinc riboflavin and magnesium correlated to cd4 [7]

Homocysteine plays potentially inflammatory role by differentiating cd4 to th17 [8]

Tobacco, khat, and female gender enhance cd4 counts [9]

Enhance s aureus pathogenicity [10]

Covariates including potassium [11]

CD4 / CD8 ratio

Folic acid plays big role [12]

Decreases in zinc deficiency [13]

Improving levels

Butyrate [14]

Gene therapy vaccine

Reduces cd4 count [15] [16]

Flu shot reduces cd4 [17]

Chronic immune activation depletes cd4 cells [18] and corresponds to reduction in telomere length. Latent m tuberculosis might be to blame for chronic immune activation as well as other intracellular bacteria probably listeria from my own experience.

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