A large cause of Heart Failure


Also known as slow heartbeat, bradycardia is noticeable especially upon waking up and taking deep breaths. Also causes deep impressions on you skin while you sleep. Heartbeat is also weak (may have too strong heartbeat if calcium deficient). Numb extremities when sleeping is a big indicator. Your arm should not necessarily go numb if it is under your pillow, if it does then that is a sign of bradycardia.


Bacillus Cerus B cerus or B Subtilis. This bacteria is an AChEi and will increase acetylcholine.


Emergency medicine can be atropine (chew a few datura seeds or whatnot) but kill the bacteria with garlic powder (not aged) and adaptogens.

Bacteria see-saw

Possible see-saw with leuconostoc, the bacteria in saurkraut

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