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Foods for a post-supplement age.

Humans need supplements, either in terms of concentrated molecules like we take now, or in terms of foods highly enriched in certain nutrients. First I will list all the molecules that we can have a challenge aquiring in sufficient quantities in our diets.

Potentially difficult to aquire nutrients

  1. Coq10
  2. Retinol
  3. Taurine
  4. Cysteine
  5. Riboflavin
  6. Pantothenic acid
  7. Cobalamin
  8. Vitamin D
  9. Vitamin K
  10. Magnesium
  11. Potassium
  12. L Reuteri
  13. B Infantis
  14. Phosphorus
  15. Sulfur
  16. Selenium
  17. Vitamin E
  18. Vitamin C
  19. Iron
  20. Biotin
  21. Glucuronic acid
  22. Thiamine
  23. ALA
  24. EPA
  25. DHA
  26. Zinc
  27. Fucoxanthan
  28. Serine
  29. Tryptophan
  30. Arginine
  31. Serpin
  32. Pyridoxine
  33. Niacinamide
  34. Iodine
  35. Folic Acid
  36. Copper
  37. Alanine
  38. Proline
  39. Glycine
  40. Tyrosine
  41. Chlorophyll
  42. Inositol/Inulin
  43. Cellulose
  44. Lignin
  45. Beta glucan
  46. Sterol
  47. Choline
  48. Boron

Critical for me



Female Deer [1]


Chicken Heart

Pork Heart

Beef Heart

Chicken Liver


Raw Quail Eggs


See also Z-stack


Filler to prevent oxidation: Tricalcium phosphate (TCP)

Vacuum sealed with excess TCP into 1 week supplies to further prevent oxidation

Should be able to get 700mg per capsule so 4 capsules to 2800mg x 7 days = 28 capsules.

~2560mg per day

Less essential






Coq10 and selenium [2] [3]

Cysteine 5mg per gram of protein [4]

Iodine content of various seaweed [5]

Glucuronolactone may be a precursor to making vitamin c [6]

1:2 calcium to magnesium [7]

Nutrients that protect against calcification including magnesium and vitamin k [8] and diet avoids sugar, transfat, and preservatives and high in oily fish and vegetables.

Detoxification pathways and foods that support them [9]

Vitamin C and A on cancer [10]

Taurine reduces oxidized glutathione especially in iron overload [11]

Carnitine may increase atherosclerosis risk [12]

Natural sources

See Body Bible

Things to avoid

See also The law and bible

Potentially any insects because of chitin [17] which reduces thymus weights and vitamin e and vitamin a status. Enhances IL4 and potentially asthma.

Impact on Society Design

The weakest members of the tribe should eat the hearts and livers of animals and raw quail eggs.

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