Ranking at #7 of our survival food list and includes other legumes like lentils. The highest protein content on this list, they also improve nitrogen in the soil. So why is this not higher on our list? The reason is you can't really survive on beans alone, the protein content is too high and your kidneys might suffer causing lower back pain. But still a great staple especially if you are also growing other carb heavy foods. Beans must be cooked, they contain lectins and can exacerbate G6PD and lyse red blood cells. Many types of beans are also high in iron and can exacerbate Hemochromatosis.



Lentils might be one of the best options for the ease of cooking once dried. Lentils cook about the same speed as rice, within half an hour which makes this crop not very fuel intensive to eat. Lentils are also reasonably easy to harvest from dried pods on the plant.

Anasazi cave bean

These beans were expertly bred by the Anasazi over 1500 years ago. They cook faster than pinto beans so are a great variety. They can also be picked early as green beans. [1] This bean contains a lot of lectins which are good medicinally. It is also high in iron.

Mayocoba bean

This Peruvian variety is a great alternative to pinto that cooks in about half the time (still around 1.5 hours though) and makes even better re-fried beans.

Black bean

Another fast cooking bean variety [2] and these are packed full of anthocyanins which are great for those who do well with iron.

Mesquite pods

The seeds and pods of the mesquite tree are edible and this plant grows wild in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. The seeds are also rich in lectins and can be cooked like beans or the whole dried pods ground into flour.


A staple crop around the world. Excellent source of protein.

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