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Back pain is caused by a few types of bacteria.

Low back pain

This can be kidney or non-kidney related.

Kidney related

This can manifest in dehydraton, can be improved with potassium and just seems like a sore lower back. It is caused by chronic kidney infection and can cause cloudy urine. Eventually if left many years without treatment this can cause kidney stones. Caused by e coli or proteus can be treated with cranberry powder or juice and eucalyptus and clove essential oil either 2-3 drops of each taken orally or perhaps rubbed on the lower back.

Spine related

Same as mid back pain

Mid back pain

This includes slipped/bulging/herniated disks in the mid back which can feel like a disk is slipping. This is always caused by mycobacterium or more likely brucella and thus treated with garlic.

Upper back and neck pain

Spine related

See Mid back pain

Non-spine related

This can be caused by any meningitis related bacteria such as listeria haemophilus etc. and treated likewise. Cinnamon and Ellagic acid are good options.

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