What makes AMD great, developing a vision

Let another mouth praise you


The contender to what the public perceives as a monopoly has a great advantage with public opinion. Look at Lyft to Uber. Or Apple to Microsoft. This is compounded when the public believes the monopoly does not have their best interests at heart and when they perceive the contender does. Intel maintains a monopoly on x-86 and so AMD should be on the side of open sourcing any innovations and new formats they make. Also focusing on expanding into open source markets like ARM and working on creating and maintaining bridges to x-86.

Fighting against backdoors


Intel has a methodology of how they approach innovation. No model is perfect and as a monopoly you have less incentive to not only innovate but also come up with new ways to innovate. AMD has done this by focusing on both improving power efficiency by using low nm process, improving architecture for improved efficiency, and expanding in parallel with more cores, and improving clock speed.

Trailblazing into new markets

Customer focus

Even when doing corporate markets focus on the end user.




Open source



Customer focus

Always do what is in the best interest of the customer.


price points

Hitting consequential price points is everything to the customer. It is the difference between the general public being excited about a new product, and not.



Compatibility with architectures like x86 and ARM as well as various motherboard form factors.


Includes new cooling design, liquid nirtogen, etc

Embracing advocates and critics

Work closely with those that share your values and the values of your customers.

Linus tech tips

Louis rossmann

Framework laptop

The best marketing strategy is working with those who already have the heart of your customers.

Cool factor

The theme should build on all these aspects

Future directions proposal

Work on mining cpus and gpus. Create own open source cryptocurrency algorithms that target one or bothof these markets. Perhaps even create own coins based on these algos.

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