This is a genetic polymorphism that effects SERT expression.

Long version La (known in literature as "higher binding") has excess SERT and therefore OCD [1]

Long version Lg (known in literature as "lower binding") has low SERT much like short version and ADHD [2]

Short version (known in literature as "lower binding") has low SERT and therefore ADHD [3]

You can have a mix between Lg,La, or S, and if you mix La with one of the other two you have an intermediate SERT level [4]

Up to 20 fold difference in SERT expression between variants of this gene [5]

Loss of SERT so ADHD can predispose to Alzheimers and violent Suicide [6]


Short and Lg

Smartweed via polygonic acid enhances SERT so is a short acting treatment for ADHD and related insomnia.

Long La

Toxic SSRI (find natural alternative as sert blocker or 5-HTP) are a treatment for OCD

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