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Tian design document for programming and audit reviews
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Charges fee of (transaction amount * 0.0006942) (which is 0.06942% of each transaction) which is redistributed to all holders monthly using Function 1. This can also be thought of as a 6.942 basis point fee per transaction.


  1. Begins with $100 of BNB liquidity whose LP tokens are then burned.
  2. Does not allow people to provide liquidity for LP tokens.
  3. Begins with 44,468,237,170.229 amount of Tian liquidity
  4. Limitation to how much Tian can be purchased at once: 38.19660113% of total amount for sale currently. (This is the golden ratio squared: 5 buys to 90%, 10 buys to 99%)
  5. No limitation to how much Tian can be traded at once

Trading pairs


Allows all cryptocurrencies and national currencies if possible be liquidity, thus allows coins to be purchased with any crypto or currencies and these added to liquidity pool.

Important but not required

Allows for a future where other coins besides BNB can be liquidity.


Allows BNB to be liquidity

Allows Tian to be traded on swaps

Allows Tian to be staked on swaps

Allows Tian to be used as liquidity for other tokens on swaps

Function 1

  1. Executes every 2629743.8 seconds (or 876581 blocks; every average month) forever
  2. Creates and adds 44,468,237,170.229 new tokens to Tian liquidity
  3. Redistributes collected fees over the last period to coin holders proportionally to their holdings
  4. Creates and adds an amount of new tokens to Tian liquidity, which is the same amount as the number of tokens that were collected in fees over last period

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