Site Backup

Running your own version of NatureVault is not hard!

Download current NatureVault

Did you make a page on the wiki and want to save the whole wiki right away? Make sure you are logged in (password: nature), and click the "Site Dump" link on the left side bar. It will be in tar.gz and you should be able to open it with a zip program like 7zip.

This gives you only the 'wiki' folder. This has all the content of the wiki but it is missing the highest level things like site icons and the like. Use the 'github archive' method below and simply use what you got from this step in the wiki folder of what you get from the github archive.

Download NatureVault from Archive

Simply click the "Github Archive" link on the left sidebar, click 'Code' button and you can either download as a zip file or clone it (cloning allows you to keep an up to date version easier).

Next extract the folder. This is the website in full. The contents of this would be placed into the htdocs folder (sometimes also called 'www' or 'public') of an Apache web server (like XAMPP, WAMP, Abyss, or your web host).

This method will give you the full NatureVault site the last time I pushed it from the web server to github. This might be a few days behind, see the process above (download current naturevault) to get the latest data straight from the webserver.

Preparation for hosting

You will need to make some changes in the config.php file located in the wiki->local folder. You will need to change the url's specified in this file to point to your correct domains (or local if using the standalone method). This includes making sure you use http or https correctly as the case may be with your hosting.

Host locally without a server

Go through this guide to host it locally without a server: NatureVault Readme or Standalone PmWiki

Server Hosting

If you want to host a server this guide works (note: you do not need to use a usb drive, the guide will give you the info you need to do a normal install too).