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I am very concerned about health, personal rights, poverty, and technology.


My health has suffered my entire life so I spend of the majority of my life learning how to improve my health and others around me.

Personal rights

See Personal rights advocacy


I believe the earth has an abundance and all poverty is created by infringements on personal rights and also health.


I am especially interested in inventing technologies that empower people to have more secure personal rights and abundance


my crypto journey started in 2010-2011 when I started learning about bitcoin. At that time it was worthless so I didn't think of mining it, as it was basically a lottery if you would ever win a block.

I started getting serious about it in may 2013 but felt I was too late to buy bitcoin as it was already at $110 after a pump and heading down, I thought it was a pump and dump. Even litecoin seemed expensive and bulky at $3 each. I wanted to buy feathercoin since it was under a dollar, but never did. If I did, then I would be down money even if I held this whole time! This goes to show that you will only make money in crypto if you follow the big money players and what coins they invest in.

I started writing about bitcoin on my blog on 10-27-2017 about how bitcoin would die from the pump and dump [1] (as you can tell I was really bothered by the unstable price). Even before that I had been working on my own designs for a bitcoin replacement and started publishing things on my blog on 8-27-2017 [2] and 10-7-2017 I had my first design that was a true alternative to bitcoin [3].

Those same designs from 2017 have been contributing to my current designs in 2022 with the most recent culmination in Actionlattice which is the next generation of cryptoassets, and will obsolete blockchain.


I typically test INTP who wants to be more ENTJ [4] but functional stack is: Ti, Fi, Ne, Ni, Fe, Se, Te, Si [5] id 4878510.

Probably actually ENTP with a shadow with unnaturally high Fi and Ni and low Se.

Enneagram 5w4 main with 8w79 shadow[6] but only because society has too many rules so I go inside myself. If we lived in the real world I would be out there. My second strongest is 8. This post [7] finally persuaded me to finally take the enneagram test after years of avoiding it.

I currently think (I don't anymore, now I want to master my shadow) that I want to foster both Ti and Fi as heroes of alternative personality stacks to use. That would mean I can use INTP, ISTP, INFP, and ISFP. It is more easy for me to do that than to use extroverted stacks. To do that and also to be able to use Ni in a more balanced way, would mean I improve my Se. The best way to do this is to seek not only novel (Ne) experiences but also sensory (Se) experiences and improve sensory aspects of the world around me. I do not think I should force myself to gain more sensory awareness as this can lead to even more cynicism to how I already feel about the sensory world.

Also I feel that INFJ is within reach as well which would also require some Se and quite a bit more Ni.

INTP: Ti, Ne, Si, Fe

INFP: Fi, Ne, Si, Te

ISTP: Ti, Se, Ni, Fe

ISFP: Fi, Se, Ni, Te

INFJ: Ni, Fe, Ti, Se


I may struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder which leads me to cut off relationships easily if I feel like I am trying very hard and am not met with what I feel to be reciprocal care or support. I often feel I am "all in" or "all out" of relationships. This fear of rejection also makes me avoidant of engaging with people, for example I have a hard time wanting to read comments because they can very much strongly polarize my mood and I feel required to respond.

I have never intentionally harmed others nor have I ever been physical with someone, besides a couple fights in elementary school and power struggles with my dad as a kid. Both of these fights I can remember were of me standing alone against a bully. There are only 2 instances of self harm I can remember, when I was around 5 I ate dirt as a reaction to my mom not making me food when I was so hungry my stomach was aching bad. I did it to "show her". At around 17 when on a trip with my girlfriends family I used a piece of glass I found on the beach of havasupi to deeply scratch my fingernail and this acting out was because I felt my needs weren't being acknowledged.

Joining a cult church Faith Christian Church in college was also a form of acting out because it gave me moral superiority ammunition to use against those who had wronged me and taken advantage of me like friends and family.

Other times more recently I do things that might harm my own personal life (as opposed to my physical life, which I treat as precious as you can imagine from my work on naturevault) to lash out against people who wronged me like when I have abruptly left a job without notice, or abruptly breaking off communication with someone. But even though the people affected by these things see it as abrupt, it was actually the culmination of me seeing a pattern of pathological mistreatment I have received from these relationships. So again this shows that evil done to a person is the reason these personality disorders manifest and develop.

Most typically for me now, which is still very rare and usually only with the family I grew up with who know how to push my buttons, is shouting if I feel that my expertise or experiences are being dismissed. Also in interactions online I can sometimes come off as toxic and pointed if I feel my well thought out ideas or theories are dismissed out of hand. Also somewhat recently I let an ice cream melt on me when I felt wronged and manipulated. Which I would call self deprication which might be a mild sort of self harm.

In summary BPD is an immature way of dealing with being wronged, manipulated, or devalued. But im some instances (non-destructive) it may be better than not knowing you are being wronged at all, and to proceed blindly into someones trap.


I am not a Jew by birth or culture but I consider myself a Messianic Jew who follows the law of the Torah, the teachings of the Tanakh, and the teachings of Jesus, to the best of my ability.








Extremely adaptable and logical

Empower others -most possible people -most impactful ways possible using theory and responsibility, can also tap into my shadow of inspiration and wisdom.

Lots of irons in the fire and tend to focus on those that others around me are willing to help me on or that have the biggest chance of me getting it to fruition. Dig deep go for the hardest problems like sword in the stone stuff.

I want people around me to be passionate about their dreams and I will give everything I have at making them more sucessful than they could ever imagine if I believe they have the right intentions.

-teef, personal care products

-doge wallet /crypto /metaverse game





-gardening / natural genetic strengthening


-natural health, covid and vax

-plasma tech - making gold

-tutoring - dreamlab


-personal development me others

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