Each election has been less secure than the last because security measures are not keeping up with fraud attempts
Published: 7/2/2021
Author: GiverofMemory
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See also election rigging and 2020 election audit

Lawsuit against dominion Mike Lindell [1].

Dominion may use adjudication (vote copying) to flip votes [2] [3] [4] [5].

Dominion dominates voting in most states [6].

Dominion courted Podesta, Clinton's 2016 campaign manager [7]. I believe dominion was making hints that they could win the election for the right price. I think the hints were lost on Podesta.

Conspiracy to gaslight and groom the public to prevent uprising from a stolen election [8] [9].

The Big Rig

So after many hours of research I think I have Dominion's vote rigging system decoded. This is a running Theory/Hypothesis, each belief has some facts and speculation. This is my read of the situation I am pretty confident in as a whole.

  1. Contact the candidates campaigns. Possibly get contributions for "doing everything they can" to improve their chances. Sell "packages" of how much they want to sway the election.
  2. Program the software (whether on the machines or on the SD/CF card that contains portable software for the machine) to flip 1% of votes, 2%, 3%, etc depending on the "contribution level" that the campaign made to Dominion linked corporations or charities. This flip immediately effects the printed ticker as the voting is happening.
  3. Send technicians to "update" the machines which will run SQL queries to perform the flip at the software database level. This may also be able to be done remotely. Now both the paper ticker and the software will be aligned.
  4. Officials now can see the discrepancy. Lets say there were 1000 votes and 1% were flipped. This means 10 purple votes now become green. Working deep into the night 10 purple ballots are removed from the physical ballot storage and set aside to be destroyed, they are labeled as "Spoiled ballots" [10]. Next they place an order with the dominion tech to deposit 10 fraudulent green ballots into the late night drop boxes. This way the paper ballots can be flipped as well.

How to detect the fraud

Since apparently Dominion has covered all tracks; from the printed ticker, to the database in the machine, to the physical ballots themselves, a few things can be done to root out the fraud.

How to prevent the fraud

How to improve elections

It is one thing to remove fraud but an entirely another thing to improve elections.

Quadrilemma of voting - TAPS

Quadrilemma's usually are a "pick 3" situation but we will always optimize all three.

  1. Transparency - Ensure that the results of the election (full election, and whether or not their own personal vote counted) can be verified by each person who desires to.
  2. Accessibility - Ensure that every eligible voter has the technical ability and convenience to vote.
  3. Privacy - Ensure that each voter's privacy is secure from both other people and groups and also the government itself.
  4. Security - Ensure that each voter is eligible and that each eligible voter can only vote once.

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