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Vaccines are commonly contaminated with microorganisms [1].

Study of coronavirus insoluble contaminants [2].

In more evidence for contamination, 100% of vaccine deaths were from only 5 vaccine batches [3].

Could have been contaminated with arsenic [4] causing homocysteine elevation.

Unsanitary conditions pfizer [5]

Childhood vaccines

May favor a Th2 response [6] atopy which means allergy, but my thought is they weaken both Th1 and th2 which makes sense because that produces allergies as well. Poison ivy promotes th2. Or perhaps they bias one person towards Th1 and another to th2. I know I was biased to Th1 and had "hidden inflammation". No overt allergy but oxidative stress. That said both of mine were probably weak and I had trouble killing bacteria and parasitic worms before using herbs and addressing body bible nutrients; with a th2 even weaker than my weak th1.

Covid-19 vaccine

Vaccine genocide video [7]

15% vaccine users experience new medical condition like blood clots heart attack liver damage and stroke [8] mostly in younger age groups.

Why "anti-vaxxers" knew it was a bad idea before you did [9]

Various unknown side effects [10]

Homocysteine increases severity of infection of covid-19 and probably predicts bad reactions to vaccine [11]

Coronavirus vaccine uses gene therapy technology.

Side effects noted from Medicare data [12].

Reports of spolied covid-19 vaccines are rampant [13]. They make you think that they were not given to people and the only downside was less effectiveness, but in reality people did get vaccines from spoiled batches, and if any dangerous microorganisms were in the dose, they could have multiplied leading to serious complications and death of those injected.

It appears that vaccines can be infected with live bacteria of several types [14]. Some in that thread describe mania [15] which is caused by b cerus like this one [16]. Another reported sepsis [17] (possibly from s pneumoniae like this [18] or s agalactiae like this [19]). Another pink eye [20]. Another delirium [21] and [22]. Some high heart rate and other signs [23] some leading to death [24]. Other stroke [25]. Another heart attack [26].

Blood clots have been reported [27] possibly from this mycobacterium like this one [28] or likely Bacillus countered with garlic.

List of some (not 100%) of the live bacterial vaccines [29] that might be contaminating other vaccines . Risks of live vaccines [30].

Woman's side effects from the vaccine [31].

Males more likely to get side effects than females [32].

Side effects reported on facebook [33]

Severe headaches leading to braindead and death [34].

There is about a 3 month lag between high new vaccination rates and increasing covid cases. Mid april was a vaccination max [35] and september was a spike [36]. Some states saw a covid spike during the vaccination max as well [37].

Legitimate reasons for "vaccine hesitancy" and how red states can fight back [38]

Nobel prize winner who discovered AIDS says these vaccines will have devastating long term side effects [39].

Spike protien syndrome [40].

Mechanism discovered for Delta antibody dependent enhancement [41].


30% of children have heart issues from vaccine [42]


Excess deaths in scotland being investigated [43] strawman is breast milk we all know its cause the vaccine spread from the mom to the child in the womb.


74 million got no shots, 157 million refused 2nd or 3rd shot [44]

Around half of UK refused either all or some shots but propoganda said otherwise [45]


Rsv flu rona 2024[46]


Seen here [47] however they probably only used primers on the spike, a full gene sequence audit still needs to be performed.

comparing sequences [48]

Up to 50% of the sequences may be undeclared [49]

Various enhanced diseases


Pfizer data side effects [50]

Labeled miscarriage as a "resolved" adverse event [51]


Fromt company to patent parts of covid-19 [52]


DNA damage to many genes including T-cell manufacture is caused from the spike protien [53]

CD4 cells which are downregulated in AIDS are stimulated by adjuvated spike protein vaccine [54]

Immunocomprimised means low cd4 cells [55]

Adenovirus vaccine may increase suseptibility of CD4 cells to HIV [56]

Vaccine upregulated CD4 cells cause cytokine storm [57]. What this means is Fauci is selecting for AIDS patients to survive the vaccine induced holocaust, basically making aids endemic like other diseases were made endemic after the bubonic plague like Herpes [58] and killed off people with Listeria and thus Hemochromatosis [59]

Rh negative and Type o blood protective against covid [60]

Cd4 and cd8 reduced in chronic fatigue but cd4/cd8 ratio was elevated [61]. This means cfs sufferers might be targeted for culling due to vaccine induced genocide.

Cd4 response to covid increased after booster as well [62].

paper recommends HIV drugs for vaccinated [63]


Estimated 2 million excess disabilities potentially related the the covid shots [64]

Severe COVID

Vaccine enhances rate of severe covid [65]

Dr. Bossche

Vaccine whistleblower who specialized in virology and molecular biology and worked on vaccines at Gates Foundation and GAVI warns the vaccines supress innate immune system [66]

Personality disorder

possibly vaccine or lockdown or both caused 5x faster personality changes [67] and in a negative way instead of the typical positive personality changes as people age naturally.


Reduced sperm counts for unknown duration [68]

Anti-sperm and anti-b-hcg antibodies [69]

Nurse whistleblower

Nurse whistleblower reveals enhanced rates of: Full Video [70] [71]

Couple more

Flight surgeon whistleblower


Pilot whistleblower


Israel testimonies



Professional bike riding possibly excercise induced asthma from the vaccine [75]


Spartacus letter on truth about covid-19 and the vaccine [76]

Nurses were trained in mass casualty scenario's [77] which likely added to their fear and manipulability. DNA sequence of person could be gained from used vaccine vials [78], not to mention Government testing kits.

DNA sequence of person could be gained from used vaccine vials [79], not to mention Government testing kits.

Pfizer whistleblower [80].


Codes in developer mode [81]

Prevent natural immunity


Vaccines make body react to new variants with old immune responses not effective against new variants like omicron [83]


DNA in live replicating adenovirus and now plasmid DNA in indian vaccine [84]

DNA adenoviral vector gene therapy like J&J and AZ shots contain broken spike protien genetic fragments which induce blood clots [85] [86]. In my opinion this works with bacillus in the body or gut as well to increase the propensity of clots.


Adenovirus is bieng injected into people using the viral vector vaccines like AZ and J&J.

Hepatitis in children caused by adenovirus [87]


Pfizer whistleblower said pfizer vaccine glows. The pfizer patnents show that luciferase is used in the mrna technology.

Luciferaze vs gfp, luciferase assay is destructive to the cells [88]

It is possible to see luciferase expression with sensitive cameras [89]

Foreign materials

Found in vials and human plasma that were vaccinated [90]

Gene therapy

The shots are 100% gene therapy [91]

Links to strongyloides

Strongyloides can cause myocarditis [92]

Ivermectin is first line (toxic) treatment for strongyloides. It also is amoung the most effective treatments for covid.

Spike protien can upregulate strongyloides growth.

Covid is often treated with steroids which can cause strongyloides hyperinfection.


Pfizer pushes for boosters [93].

Boosters not sustainable [94]

Two FDA Witnesses

Marion Gruber and Dr. Philip Krause are the two witnesses against human experimentation [95].

Defense secretary of canada

Anita Anand stopped the Trudeau admin from going to war with the protesters [96]. If she was on board trucks would have been stopped by military blockades and all truckers detained and it would have been the practice run for martial law.


Stopped build back better act.

Birth Statistics

2019-2020 births declining [97] where to find [98]

Deaths and hospitalizations

Includes SIDS and SADS sudden infant and adult death syndrome. Probably caused by Pasteurella overgrowth caused by vaccine.

Around 50,000 people on medicare died within 14 days of the vaccine [99] [100] this is around 1 in every 1000 and lines up with other data of 1/10 have serious adverse event and 1/1000 die from the shot.

Vaers data with underreporting factor of 31 also shows 1/1000 died from shot and 1/10 had serious adverse event [101]

Columbia paper says vaers data underreporting factor for covid vaccines is 20 [102]

Pfizer data shows vaccine reduces risk of death by covid 2x but increases risk of death by heart disease 4x [103].

Independent report suggests millions may have died already due to vaccines [104].

Hospitalization rate increases 13% for vaccinated [105].

All deaths were from only 5 batches, providing evidence for contamination [106].

Pfizer clinical trial data shows that vaccines do not reduce all cause mortality, and likely increase it [107]

40% increase in insurance death claims [108]

Autopsies show most post vaccine deaths are caused or contributed by the vax [109].

Pfizer failed all cause mortality [110]

17 people collapsed at brooklyn half marathon with 16 hospitalized, 5 in serious condition, and 1 dead after collapsing after crossing the finish line [111]

Doctor deaths

Many doctors died in canada [112]

3 doctors same hospital died within week of 4th booster [113]

Heart Attack and myocarditis

Mysterious rise in heart attacks from blood clots in Scotland [114]

People in concert in Houston texas Astroworld were given heart attacks with super deep loud low frequencies as seen in this video [115]. Them nearly all having the vaccine made them suseptible to blood clotting from changes in pressure as in loud low frequency music. Organstop pizza uses this same technique of feeding people saturated fat and carbs and then hitting them with ultra low frequency Organ music to get their blood to clot and they have a heart attack.

Sports players dropping dead on the field or leaving game due to chest pain [116]

Myocarditis cases [117]

Possibly over 3% chance of getting myocarditis or pericarditis after covid shot [118]


Enhanced 300% in military [119]

Spike enters nucleus prevents repair of double stranded breaks leading to cancer [120]

10,000% increase in cancer reports after Covid-19 vaccine versus other vaccines [121]

Fetal death

Over 3000% increase [122]

30% increase just for bieng vaccinated, not even during pregnancy [123]. Vaccination during pregnancy likely increases risk of miscarriage much more.

various info [124]

Infection rate

Vaccinated 300% more likely to get infected than unvaccinated and this number grows over time [125].

Huge number of people get covid within 2 weeks of first shot [126]

Vaccinated more likely to catch covid or die [127]

Vaccinated more likely to get infected and natural immunity is better than 2 dose and equal to 3 dose and lasts at least twice as long as 3 dose immunity [128]


First proof [129]


Activated charcoal capsules should be taken prior to and after vaccination for several days to prevent an immune response to the vaccine.

Other ideas for detox including zinc [130]

Spike protein

Spike protien may inhibit dna repair [131] also we should look into effects of spike on CD4

Dr. David Martin [132]

Blood problems

Red blood cells sticking together [133]

Rubbery clots in veins [134]

The solution to these is garlic.

Blood clots leading to amputation [135] which doesn't need to happen treat clots with garlic powder capsules and vitamin d. A sharp stabbing pain is the sign you have a clot.

Integration into DNA

mRNA vaccine reverse transcribed into nucleus in 6 hrs [136] [137]

FDA documents

first 55,000 pages [138]

Leaked secret document [139]

Contact FDA

see also Notes


Form for Childrens health defense [141]

Email form for infowars [142]

Mike Adams health ranger

email rand paul [143]

email ron johnson [144]

project veritas tips

My letter

Hello my name is ... and I worked for ... Laboratory between 2009-2014. We were 100% funded by the NIH. It was a BSL-2 lab.

I sent a letter to the FDA and CDC members on ....

In that letter I told them that my experience with this technology shows that only undifferentiated cells can be transfected. In the case of this "vaccine" that uses this technology in adults, it is only receiving the foreign genetics and thus producing the spike protein from undifferentiated cells. Cells like in adults so mostly the bone marrow, placenta, intestines, Liver, etc. Only a small proportion of an adult person or their organs are these susceptible cells.

However, in my experience with animals, when the human is about 1.5 years old or less including in the womb (which corresponds to 3 days old for animals like mice and rats) almost all of the cells in the body are undifferentiated cells and all are open to being genetically modified. This genetic modification is not a temporary process, and I have never seen either RNA or DNA transfected cells "untransfect" itself. So this is very likely permanent or near permanent.

I also warned them that this may permanently effect children under around 1.5 years old and I personally think this could permanently reduce CD4 cells in the body of these children, which is according to Fauci, to be the definition of AIDS. We need to make sure there is robust data in c hildren 0.5-1.5 years before extending the approval. My thought is they will test on children in the 2-5 year old category without testing children 1.5 yr and lower and just tacking the 0.5-1.5 yr old category on without any testing in that age group.

My former boss now is working to develop biolabs in India very likely in collaboration with the NIH.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to get this understanding out to everyone or if I should send another email to the FDA/CDC.

Thank you.

Second letter CDC


I worked for the NIH in Molecular Biology from 2009-2014 in the Carol Gregorio Laboratory in Cellular and Molecular Medicine. I personally used the same technology that is is all of the current and former Covid-19 vaccines. From our lab's experience, this genetic technology in all its forms amounts to permanent editing of the expressed genome for animals (mice and rats) of age 4 days or younger which would amount to 6 months or younger for humans. We never saw a cell "un-transfect" itself. If this is given to children under the age of 6 months, some or all of their cells (depending on whether it is using a viral vector or lipid encapsulation) will be permanently genetically modified. We don't know what issues this will cause, and chances are it can be a cause of every known disease.

tracking number l9g-acpl-j9pb


reverse transcriptase higher in children [146]

Carol Gregorio [147] NIH funded [148] Biolabs in Amrita [149] (all saved to

RNA therapeutics, modification improves stability [150] [151]

transfection efficiencies [152]

Acknowlegements [153], [154], [155], [156]

Other diseases from vaccines

Guillan barre [157] likely from contamination of campylobacter or some other bacteria.

Bladder infections vertigo heart failure tachycardia etc [158]

Enhanced diseases in military [159]

7 scariest genetic vaccine side effects [160]

Symptoms/side effects [161]

  1. Severe 12 hour Sleep Paralysis [162]
  2. Blood clots / heart attack / stroke mostly with DNA viral vector vaccines J&J and AstraZenica [163] This sort of thing is usually Bacillus contamination and cleared with garlic. Heart attack in young men [164]
  3. Blood appears to clot during changes in atmospheric pressure, when pressure increases especially after it was reduced. This is showing up in when pilots are decending from altitude [165]. Or when a vacuum is pulled on blood then released [166].
  4. Parkingsons symptoms for several days [167]
  5. Sleepiness and death during nap [168] Sleep Apnea? Somewhat related to brucella or another intracellular bacteria?
  6. Painful skin reaction [169]
  7. Legs giant blisters [170]
  8. Seizures and brain blood clots [171] the article also talks about rashes, skin peeling, fever, and chronic fatigue.
  9. Tinnitus, heart attack (85+), chest pain, deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) in women, anaphylaxis and appendicitis in younger people [172]
  10. Cancer and suppression of killer T-cells (CD8) as well as HIV (which suppresses helper T-cells CD4) [173].
  11. Cobalamin destruction from nitric oxide via ACE2 inactivation [174]. Spike protein affects ACE2 [175]. Dynorphin causes nitric oxide overexpression similar to salvia divinorum salvinorin a [176]. Soluble ACE2 cleaves and inactivates dynorphin [177]. Spike protein sticks to ACE2 [178] so dynorphin goes on to raise nitric oxide.

Protection against vaccines

Interferon-B likely can help the body to reject foreign genetic material [179] [180] but attempting this is unsafe and untested, and depending on the dosage might make reaction to vaccines worse. It appears people taking interferon can get vaccines, but not live bacterial or live viral [181]. Contaminated vaccines could be a problem though.

Immunosuppressants will reduce immune reaction to foreign mRNA [182], which might be a good thing to prevent adverse effects, or bad by allowing the foreign mRNA into your cells.

Also RNAse will help degrade the foreign material.

Ivermectin it is said offers protection from vaccines likely because it kills gram negative bacteria.

Activated charcoal is the best preventative of vaccine injury and preventative for getting sick with any kind of virus. It also works well to stop progression of any virus as well.


IBM [183] Also israel has very high vaccination rates. Second jewish holocaust.

Declaring pro-trump insurgency terrorists [184].

Infertility documentary [185]

Vaccine passports

Can be purchased on the black market in packistan $5, russia $10, or serbia for 500€[186]

May be required for health insurance in illinois [187]

Countries fighting back

Japan says vax totally voluntary, will fight for peoples individual rights [188]

Gain of function

Pfizer admits pseudovirus gain of function [189]

EcoHealth alliance

whistleblower [190]


Austria blames doctors for not warning public of dangers of vax the government mandates [191]


Infant death linked to vaccine through breatmilk [192].

FDA Approved comirnaty vaccine not available in the us [193].

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