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See also Iroquois and Energy farming. Thick, rich, high in Iron, clay. Poor drainage. Native flora is broadleaf forest. Adirondacks are arctic alpine, tundra like [1], [2]. Good to grow four sisters [3].

Seed sources

plant good seed [4]

victory seeds [5]




See also Hybrid

"Native New Yorker" strain

A strain developed using natural passive cross pollination of native tobacco, wild tobacco, and other various tobacco genetics naturalized for cultivation in New York. Grown and developed in and surrounded by native new york forest and fields, which plant material are used as fertilizer.

Plan to cross wild tobacco [10] with a couple cold hardy heirloom varieties [11] [12] [13] and a couple that I like the morphology of [14] [15] [16] and a couple found in cuba for the sodium tolerance [17] [18] [19] [20] and flowering tobacco [21]. Then let it naturalize and acclimate genetically to the northern climate.

Native New Yorker Starter Seed Mix

These seeds are mixed, cultivated, and openly pollinated. The resulting seeds are re-sown making the mixture more homogenous and cohesive over time. Different farms and gardens growing this mix should share seeds across new york to keep genetic diversity high. Even though some of these species will not naturally cross, having them and tilling them under will help prevent self-dna growth inhibition and plant roots uptake DNA so they will gain traits from the others as needed.


North East

Genetic Variety



Pennsylvania 41 [35].

1x Red Express Cabbage - Packet:~150 seeds (0.5 gram) for $3.99 each

1x Waltham Butternut Squash - Packet: ~25 seeds (2 grams) for $3.99 each

1x True Siberian Kale - Packet: ~300 seeds (1 gram) for $3.99 each

1x Red Russian Kale - Packet: ~300 seeds (1 gram) for $3.99 each

1x Lacinato Kale - Packet: ~150 seeds (0.55 gram) for $3.99 each

1x Shiraz Tall Top Beet - Packet: ~160 seeds (1.5 grams) for $3.99 each

1x Touchstone Gold Beet - Packet: ~125 seeds (2 grams) for $3.99 each

1x Burgess Buttercup Winter Squash - Packet: ~20 seeds (3.5 grams) for $3.99 each

1x Festivity Sweet Corn - Packet: ~30 seeds (7 grams) for $3.99 each

1x Glass Gem Corn - Packet: ~50 seeds (8 grams) for $3.99 each

1x Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean - Packet: ~12 seeds (3 grams) for $3.99 each

1x Sylvestris / Woodland Tobacco Seed - Packet: ~350 seeds (0.02 gram) for $3.99 each

1x Tobacco Seed Collection - Five Packets (~350 seeds/packet): Smoking Tobacco, Shirazi, Quadrivalvis, Rustica, Huichol for $17.99 each

Squash and Melons











Greens and roots













Oilseed crops

Oil per acre for common crops [56]

Sunflower and other oil crops, amish feed the meal after oil removed to animals [57].

Oilseed hulless pumpkin is ideal as is camelina. Pumpkin really is ideal for new england [58].

Mustard seed and castor seed [59].

Fruit trees [60] [61]

  1. sea buckthorn
  2. jujube [62]
  3. Medlar [63]
  4. Persimmon [64]
  5. Paw paw [65]
  6. Hawthorn [66]
  7. Fig [67]

Nut trees [68]

Berry bushes [69]

Vines [70]

Freeze drying

Done so foods are more shippable and transportable while still keeping all nutrients and enzymes.

Wetland crops



Should bring into a shed or barn from december 1st to march 1st. Or whenever temperature low dips to 23c or below. Some years it dips to 23c in mid november so that would be the time to bring the bees in as they burn honey by shivering when outdoor air temp falls to 23c.

The most conservative you can be is to house bees from november 1st to april 1st but this means loosing some possible good days. Whether or not you need to use the conservative approach or liberal one depends if you are in a solar cycle minimum or maximum. In solar maximum bees should be housed dec 1st to march 1st and solar minimum nov 1st to april 1st. To be more precise the slope of the graph might also have a smaller but significant impact with positive slope milder winter than negative slope.


New york legalized cannabis rules [72]

New york tobacco products tax [73].

Mixing seeds improves genetic diversity and adaptability [74]

Clay busting plants including mustard and artichoke and comfrey [75]

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