Trigeminal Neuralgia


Many factors can be contributing causes including enlarged blood vessel pushing on the trigeminal nerve root, tumors, multiple sclerosis, infiltration, amyloid, infarcts or angiomas in pons or medulla, or idiopathic (no known cause) [1]. Personally I believe it is from a bacterial infection primarily of serratia or other bacteria or fungus treated with lemongrass [2].

Elevated PGE2 along with lowered PGD2 implicated in the cause [3]. This is similar to migraine and can be reduced by using tiny amounts of blue chamomile.

Botox or c botulinum toxin causes enlargement of blood vessels thus can be a cause of trigeminal neuralgia [4]. But TN can also be treated with botulinum toxin if applied right near the nerve [5] leading to a pharmacutically addictive cycle.


Lemongrass essential oil or tea, likely bergamot or other citrus essential oils.

Blue chamomile strongly reduces PGE2 so should treat it well.

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