Tree Power

See also atmospheric electricity

Couple hundred millivolts between tree trunk and soil [1] but what about higher up in the branches?

Transpiration can also provide power [2] they say through water pumping mechanical motion but I also think chemical from the breaking of the hydrogen bonds. This is known as the water cycle generator [3].

What is bieng measured by these researchers is probably electrohydrodynamics which drives osmosis into the roots. But I am looking at the tree as a source of tapping into atmospheric electricity so the higher the electrode is placed in the tree, the more power should be gained.

We know trees emit negative ions and this causes a weather modification effect orgone or triborgone [4] effect. Called passive environmental enhancement [5]. Tribogon effect is opposite and electrons flow down to ground from the air [6] which is how the pyramids work [7].

Electrode material and plating effects [8]

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