Herb review toxoplasma

H2o2 implicated in toxoplasma and possibly listeria and and mycobacterium[1]

Causes crohn's disease [2].

Effects on behavior and schizophrenia [3] [4].

Low pregnancy rates [5].

IL6 deficiency increases suseptibility and IL-6 causes dopamine release [6] and stimulates prolactin [7] which is also an inhibitor of toxo.

Depression anger ocd [8].

Slight possibility of a link to fibromyalgia [9].

Low levels of prolactin cause enhanced disease, perhaps lowered by bromocriptine [10] which is a dopamine agonist. This sort of thing could explain why dopamine dysregulation is seen in toxoplasmosis.

Linked to OCD [11].


Conventional (garbage) [12]. But there is a more promising approach [13].

Various herbs [14].

Echinacea killed toxo but increased brain cysts? [15].

Lemongrass, german chamomile, citronella in increasing potency [16]

Moringa seed extract both killed toxo [17] and even increases prolactin [18].

Syrian rue can help treat the depression and suicide and also kills the parasite [19] [20].

Possible synergy between thymol and nicotine which worked on another protozoan parasite [21]

Essential oils

Cypress, tea tree (toxic), and geranium highest [22].

Nutmeg, thyme, berberine [23].

Garlic oregano peppermint clove turmeric Black seed cinnamon [24].

Rosemary the underdog for the win [25].

Myrrh and black seed and ginger turmeric thyme [26]


1 garlic capsule

1 turmeric capsule

1/4 tsp tribulus extract powder

1/4 tsp gynostemma extract powder

20 drops black seed oil

3 drops thyme

3 drops nutmeg

3 drops geranium

2 drops clove

2 drops cinnamon bark (not cassia)

4 drops rosemary

2 drops myrrh

3 drops ginger

1 drop german chamomile

2 drops lemongrass

3 drops citronella

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