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Quantum Computers will add ~1 clean logical qubit per year
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A Quantum allegory to Moore's Law, TEEF's Law is that quantum computers will gain roughly 1 clean logical qubit every year. The theoretical beginnings of Quantum computers was around 1970, and here we are in 2021 with quantum computers around 50 clean logical qubits. If this holds true, by the end of the 2020's we will have achieved around 60-70 clean logical qubits. The reason for this is because, just like moore's law where it is exponentially harder to double the transistors in a classical computer, it is exponentially harder to add a single clean logical qubit to a quantum computer.

Also I will predict that this linear relationship turns out to just be the early, nearly linear part, of a logarithmic trend. Just like it will be discovered of moore's law.

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