Knightscope [1].

Facebook subpoena [2].

Apple and google recording users secretly [3].

Flock Safety's license plate readers [4]

Sweeping Biden IRS financial survielance [5].

Biden bank surviellance all transactions $600 [6].

Geofence warrant [7]

Helicopter footage whistleblower [8]

Telegram might be honey pot for world economic forum [9]

Religious surveillance and medical for those who request exemption from vaccine mandates [10]

Trucker surveillance [11]

Child spies in UK [12]

Earn it act would have all content online scanned [13]

Vaccine misinformation surveillance [14]

Citizens angry with US government labled terrorists [15]


iPhones can be hacked and broadcast location even when off [16]

Most tracking is via apps that have been granted location permission [17] however with things like stingrays anything that connects to celll towers can be tracked.

Search engine

Duckduckgo whitelists microsoft trackers to spy on users and censors "misinformation" as determined by bing [18]


1 million sensitive records leaked even detailing use of VPN [19]

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