Parasitic Worms apparently everyone has. Might have been introduced to humanity during the Great Flood.


Upregulation of PGE2 [1] [2] [3]. Worms enhanced PGE2 but reduction of pge2 increased worm levels.

Might be linked to iron overload and hemochromatosis. Patient with anemia from low transferrin but high ferritin had strongy ulcer [4] which probably included h pylori involvement.

Goes to the prostate and lungs, probably causing prostate cancer by translocating bacteria [5]

Seems to effect the heart, potentially as a heartworm or the antibodies the bodymakes to it attack the heart. Probably causes myocarditis and/or pericarditis

I suspect spike protein enhances infection but I haven'found any data to support that.


Feeds on bacteria [6]

Link to tuberculosis [7].

Lavender best to prevent egg hatch and citrus best to prevent larval development [8]

Allicin in fresh garlic effective but not diallyl disulfide in cooked garlic [9].

Low dose thiabednazole [10].

Thiabednazole persistance [11]

Ivermectin persistance in body [12]

Thiabednazole low bioaccumulation [13].

Causes itch with or without rash [14]

Arthritis heart kidney heartburn bloating cough [15]

Associated with HTLV-1 and treated with brown seaweed like wakame [16]

Can cause anemia and ataxia [17].

Probiotics research [18]

inhibited by chelators, but not serine protease inhibitors [19]

"protein families that have a putative role in Strongyloides’ parasitism – acetylcholinesterases, astacins, aspartic proteases, prolyl oligopeptidases, proteinase inhibitors (trypsin inhibitors and cystatins), SCP/TAPS and transthyretin-like proteins"[20]

Strong association with h pylori and pemphigus vulgaris [21]

Relation to steroid therapy from covid-19 presenting with skin, respiratory, or intestinal issues around 3 weeks after steroid therapy [22]

Serpins act as firstline defense against pathogens [23] probably including parasites. But it is also possible serpins might enhance the parasite ability to evade proteases [24] and possibly could explain why, if in fact the body downregulates serpins during a parasite infection. I have found no data yet to support that supposition though. That supposition might be disproven by the fact that knockdown of mosquito serpin6 impairs its immunity against malaria parasite [25]


See also parasite blend

Zinc works well in my experience and also seems to be a great treatment or possibly even cure when given to rats [26]

Treatment design


5 drops parasite blend

Treat for h pylori

Treat for mycobacterium

50mg zinc

1 capsule full spectrum Garlic powder

100-200mg coq10

Vitamin E


Vitamin A?

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