The feeling of desiring solitude is caused by a gut bacteria. currently working on what it is. Got it strongly a few hours after eating soft serve ice cream from Sonic. Also have felt it when needing to have a bowel movement. BM smelled sort of like baby poop so possibly lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium infantis. Feeling possibly tied to depression?

Listeria commonly live at low temperatures so that is a possibility [1]. E coli and staphylococcus are also bacteria of concern [2].

Probably Psychrotrophic bacteria or other bacteria found in milk [3].

Am feeling a little bit of weakness and weak grip, so could be brucella.

Henry david thorough wrote a chapter named solitude in walden pond may have to do with low dopamine or serotonin or both [4].

Serotonin makes locusts social [5].

Perhaps low or high dopamine is the cause since introverts have less dopamine and probably less receptors. Actually could be high levels of acetylcholine [6]

Honing in on acetylcholine producing bacteria [7].

Probably lactobacillus [8]. 9ther types of bacteria and the neurotransmitters they produce are in that article as well!

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