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Inflation due to gas prices may cause food shortages from EU [1].

Nord stream 1 shutdown to germany 10(+?) Days [2]. People are saying it either will open in 10 days or never, there is middle ground it could be shut down for a couple months or russia may demand germany commit to not aiding nato.

Gas plants under attack from terrorism probably from open border invasion [3]


Power companies warning they can't maintain the grid [4]

China orchestrating blackouts to cause manufacturing shortages explained by climate tyranny [5].

Energy shortages in china and EU [6].

Power shortages and outages due to carbon emmission reduction will be "the new normal" [7]

Power shortage coming to american southwest [8]


US dipping into strategic oil reserve [9]


Fuel, motor oil, and more [10]


Costco shortages [11] most likely due to vaccine mandates and also the china industry shutdowns referenced above.

West coast ports failing [12] likely due to vaccine mandates.

Chip shortage florida manufacturing [13]

Tire, chassis, driver, truck shortages [14] due to supply chain shutdowns.

Possible trucker shortage all goods will be gone because of mandates [15]

Fertilizer and chip shortage [16]

Worlds busiest port shanghai shut down [17]


Government paying farmers to destroy crops and dump oil [18]

Fires at major food distributors [19] [20]


Trains will shut down july 18th due to strike [21]


Excuses include forcing farmers to kill animals because of supposed or engineered disease outbreaks like what is happening with chickens and now pigs [22]

Farm fires [23]


Union pacific 20% reduction in fertilizer shipments [24]

Data on causes of looming foid shortages [25]

Global nitrogen shutdown engineered to create famine [26]

Cooking oil

Much from ukraine and indonesia which shut off exports [27]

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