Lowered with riboflavin [1].

Effects campylobacter [2] which can be a cause of ssri withdrawl. Campylobacter upregulates serotonin producing cells [3] and can cause or change IBS or IBD [4]. Ginger helps counteract this.

Increases blood clotting via platelets [5]

Enhances pseudomonas infection [6]. I have also noticed pseudomonas enhanced with DMT. Possibly melatonin?


Oxidation leads to HIAA production and reduction to HTOL [7].

Too high

Too high causes serotonin syndrome. Mild extra can cause mania or anger, often in people taking 5-HTP or a SSRI that don't need it.

Seems to promote wakefullness and thus causes insomnia potentially when chronically high [8]

MDMA aka ecstacy increases serotonin [9] so is dangerous for people with already high serotonin.

Released with insulin [10] so low blood sugar symptoms might overlap with serotonin syndrome.

Increase serotonin

Serotonergic supplements (avoid if you have high serotonin) [11]

Lower serotonin

Supplements that lower serotonin [13] Bacopa, Vitamin D, Omega 3, Schisandra, Ginkgo, Rhodiola, Chamomile [14]

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