Serine Protease

links to inflammation and blood clotting [1]

Lactococcus can deliver serine protease [2]

Inhibitor (serpin) deficiency

inhibitors protect against parasite [3]

inhibitor deficiency can cause stroke [4] and probably helps with brain fog

inhibitor deficiency lowers memory T cells [5]

Involved in high blood pressure [6]

inhibitors impact heart health [7]

linked to hearing loss [8]

linked to hair loss [9]

deficiency of inhibitor probably causes anger

activates plasminogen to plasmin [10] which kills prions

Inhibitors might help people quit smoking or use it less by making nicotine from tobacco activate dopamine more [11]


Powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

Thermal stability 60c [12]

Deficency signs and symptoms [13]

Serpins are the bodies natural serine protease inhibitors [14]

Prevent breast cancer [15]

have a role in myocarditis and heart palpitations and cardiomyopathy [16]

Antithrombin and antitrypsin similar to chicken (and quail) ovoalbumin [17]

Ovomucoids and ovoinhibitors have the serine protease inhibitor function [18]

Bifidobacterium b longum contains a serpin [19] also Eubacterium sireaum serpin is even more powerful at preventing IBD.

SerpinA3 implicated in prion diseases including fatal familial insomnia

Can be a component of Snake venom by preventing clotting [20].

Used by strongyloides to reduce blood clotting and it also stimulates immunity [21]

Alpha 1 antitrypsin

Might help prevent parasite diseases from mosquitoes [22] like malaria

Deficiency caused by parasitic worms [23]

Deficiency causes COPD [24]

Aplha 1 antitrypsin most common serpin [25] [26]

A1AT for type 1 diabetes, emphezema, asthma, etc [27]

A1AT many symptoms [28]

One A1AT symptom is panniculitis which is red spots on legs or hands or feet or shins or calves and it is linked to mycobacterium [29]

A1AT deficiency causes more severe Covid-19 [30], arthritis, diabetes, chrones, fibromyalgia, and many other things [31]

Deficiency causes slightly icreased height and greater initial lung volume [32]

Deficiency linked to cystic fibrosis and even iron overload and hemochromatosis [33]

A1AT factsheet [34]

Deficiency can mimick excercise induced or smoking induced asthma [35]

Z variant most common northern europe and S variant in south and west europe [36] and amount of protein made in each genetic variant [37]

Deficiency can cause mpemphezema in their 30's [38]

H pylori increases stomach a1at and low dose asprin increases blood a1at [39]

Deficiency incidence 5% in sweden and causes increase in duodenal ulver in h pylori positive patients [40]

Possible connection to cardiomyopathy [41]

Adequate a1at is associated with better heart attack outcomes [42]

Deficient a1at associated with oxidative stress and dialated cardiomyopathy [43]

Aortic dissection possible in deficiency [44]

Deficency can cause neonatal hepatitis [45] and this may be the cause of neonatal gynecomastia.

Vitamin D deficiency can cause aquired A1at deficiency [46]

PISZ 42% had upper emphysema threshold 11uM [47]

The worst variant PiZZ has only a 6.4% diagnosis rate [48] tue rest of the variants probably have worse diagnosis rate.

Deficiency causes kidney glomerular lesions in 80% of sufferers with typically normal urinalysis [49]

Difference in effect of covid-19 vaccine [50]

Alpha 1 antichymotrypsin

Parkingsons alzheimers COPD [51]


Treatment side effects

So basically it seems it reduces body ability to fight mycobacterium but probably helps against pasteurella

Quail egg

Help with stomach ulcer [53] therefore h pylori

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