Russia Ukraine Conflict


Possibile explanations

  1. Putin graduated from the WEF hitler youth program. Is he a defector and is attacking now to push back the WEF agenda? Maybe he just went to see what the other leaders are taught and he has no loyalty to Klaus Schwabb.
  2. Or is he just an unwitting leadership expert who has told his redlines to the UN and NATO and since the west wants war, NATO just violate the red lines secretly so only russia knows and the public doesn't so the west look like the good guy.
  3. Or is Putin a card carrying secret society member and is a fake controlled opposition following WEF orders to a T. The thing I see as possible evidence for this theory is that this conflict just so happens to be right after the Treudeu trucker convoy. That timing seems like this is orchestrated globalist agenda.


Zelenski part of WEF [1]

The rich want war [2]


Russia prepared for collosal war with NATO over ukraine operation [3] I am predicting WW3 begins in 2025, the year after this mini 7 year tribulation begins.

Possible chernobyl event as ukraine shoots at nuclear plant [4]


Western sanctions preventing russia from getting repaired pipeline parts back to work [5]

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