Great deal of information about riboflavin including about iron, Esophagitis, cancer,neuropathy, and allows ferritin to remove iron and enhances retinoids and carotenoids [1].

Possibly helpful for chronic fatigue and iron overload as well as anemia [2].

Lowers cox2 which will help with chronic fatigue and iron overload and hair loss [3].

Iron regulatiom plays a big role in hypothermia so riboflavin might play a role in it [4].

Decreases homocysteine so important in MTHFR [5].

Reduces inflammation linked to obesity including insulin resistance [6].

Has an effect in malaria and similar to malaria drug [7] and also similar to tricyclic antidepressants [8] and phenothiazine drugs [9] and work similarly to Coq10 for migrane.

Potential treatment or preventative of cataract [10].

Riboflavin suppelmentation seems to decrease serotonin and thus could cause depression [11] which could be from its effects on cox2 and prostaglandins. Seems to improve dopamine [12] since it improves parkingsons. Improves the dopamine to serotonin ratio [13].

Riboflavin might mobilize iron from the liver [14].

Hemochromatosis and Wilson's disease might be related to riboflavin deficiency [15].

Improves HIV and AIDS [16] and improves pregnancy along with carotenoids.



Riboflavin deficiency leads to reduced iron absorption and enhanced iron loss in feces [18].


Dermatitis, Diarrhea, and Dementia common symptoms aka Pellagra. Also parkingsons [19].


Helps with hair loss and grey hair [20]

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