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Likely the most important vitamin, vitamin a has been known as the anti-infective vitamin since the 1920's [1]

IU to mcg

1 IU is 0.3 mcg of retinol

Animal based versions of carotenoids such as retinol.


Skin disorders, immune related tumors cancer, and diabetes [2]

Seems to reduce ferritin levels [3] [4].

High vitamin A decreases liver iron [5].

Retinol increases hemoglobin [6] [7] Which may improve both anemia and iron overload.

Iron and vitamin a repletion [8]

Reduce hair loss [9].

Dificiency might cause insomnia [10] [11]

Lower retinol binding protein in h pylori [12]. I think that vitamin a protects against h pylori.

Ear ringing tinnitus customer review [13]

Growth, vision, skin, immune system, bones, myelin nerves, blood sugar maintainance, color and peripheral vision, adrenal correx and steroid synthesis [14]

Heart palpitations seem to be lessened with retinol supplementation. Probably from reducing H pylori burden.

Tetanus [15]

Profound effect on measles [16]

Improves lung function [17].


Beta cells are improved by vitamin A [18] [19] and that improves insulin and also likely GABA. This could be the link between vitamin a and chronic fatigue and insomnia.


Low intake enhances iron absorption high intake lowers iron absorption [20]

Vit A reduces oxidative stress from Iron from Hemojuvelin And perhaps Hepcidin and also reduce cellular non-heme iron [21].

Basically it seems retinol gives the body the ability to utilize and regulate iron, which would help both in anemia and iron overload.


25,000 IU is a good safe high dose everyday.

Side effects

Can cause things that garlic reverses including high cholesterol, melanonychia, and other things. Reason being it promotes growth of certain bacteria. Vitamin D does the same thing as garlic so A and D is a good combo and found together in COD liver oil.

Vitamin a balances vitamin d and calcium so too much vit a might increase vit d and calcium requirements [22]

Taking more than 25,000 IU retinol a day for 6 years straight may cause toxicity or more than 100,000 IU a day for 6 months straight [23].

Symptoms [24]

I'm noticing skin pin pricks, ear canal discomfort, head pressure that is lessened with water.

Vitamin A increases need for vitamin e [25].


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