See also Iron overload treatment and harmony and Staybl [1] Restore is designed to restore proper functioning of the body especially for restful sleep to give natural energy.

Fat soluble vitamins



Water soluble vitamins

B vitamins

Vitamin C

Fruit powders

Amino acids


Don't want to taste too good, only 1 per day to take.


Gelling agents


Small hex [28] [29].

Grid [30].

Round [31].

Cube [32].

Gummy consistency

Want it to be workable at room temp so I send just a powder and people just add water and stir to make their own gummies.

Gum arabic [33] which is even an emulsifier and should be used at over 30% [34]

Maybe sodium alginate [35].

Gelatin only needs 50C [36] so maybe I use that since that isn't high enough temp to harm the vitamins.

Vitamins only just start to degrade at 50c (120f) [37].

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