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Exponentially increasing QR code data storage using color
Published: 1/19/2021
Update: 1/19/2021
Author: NatureHacker
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QRoma code (chroma QR code, or simply Chroma Code) is any type of QR code (like iQR - iQRoma) or similar technology that instead of encoding in binary (black and white pixels) uses colors, ie; different frequency of light absorption by the code.

Currently each bit of the QR code can only encode for a 0 or 1. How can we make a bit encode for more possibilities thus exponentially increasing the amount of data stored in a code? Color is a simple way to do it, and with the power of modern cameras especially in cell phones they should have no trouble discerning colors.

For example instead of black and white, there could be black, white, purple, green, blue, red, and orange. So every bit stores 7 possibilities instead of 2 which can make QR codes smaller, contain more error correction, contain more data, or any combination.

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