"Crawing in my skin" sensation. Feels like a bug crawls on you in random places on your skin every once in a while. This originates in your nervous system, not your skin.

Likely causes type 3 diabetes aka cognitive decline via degradation of folic acid. Also likely causes spina bifida which is linked to low folic acid. [1]

Upon waking from REM sleep (or using DMT) you will feel pressure in your third eye area and also a strange smell in your nostrils. This is the pseudomonas degrading the DMT or other tryptamines.

Urinary tract infection of pseudomonas may cause green urine [2] due to pyoverdine, an iron chelator [3].


This bacteria can effectively be treated with cinnamon, mustard. Also licorice, ginger, and peppermint show activity [4]. Garlic might make it more suseptible by inhibiting quorum sensing [5]

essential oils

Cinnamon cassia, oregano, thyme, savory all good effect [6]

Oregano thyme and spearmint best [7]

Thyme oregano mint (cinnamon not tested) [8].

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